Kamp Wannaweep

Kamp Wannaweep focuses on twelve teenagers arriving at Camp Wannaweep to compete on a reality television show.
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 A Sneaky Surprise (Private RP With Casidee)

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PostSubject: A Sneaky Surprise (Private RP With Casidee)   Sat Mar 31, 2018 1:45 pm

Although Kathy never really did anything on Casidee's birthweek party, she still has'nt forgotten about one particular thing, since the very beggining of the week. Her "Cake".

"Let's see how she likes it when she tries to mess with Lorelei and I. No way in HELL, am I forgiving her for that..."

Kathy scoffed, as she put down her customly made cake on top of Casidee's drawer.

"Ah man, I've had a rough week! Now it's time for me to get some good ol rest, right here in the girl's cabin."

She yawned, while stretching her arms.

"Goodnight, sweet thing..."

Kathy mocked, as she went to sleep for the night.
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PostSubject: Re: A Sneaky Surprise (Private RP With Casidee)   Sat Mar 31, 2018 6:53 pm

Casidee lazily entered the cabin. She was so over today. 2 losses, an elimination, tons of mud, and NO Birthday gifts?!?! UHG! She notices Kathy is lounging on her bed. While Kathy's eyes are closed she shoots her a look.

Casidee swallows her pride. "Mmm.. night girl~" Casidee opens up her drawer to get her silk nightgown when she notices a cake in there! What a pleasant surprise! "*Gasp!* Oh my gosh, who did this!?" Casidee exclaims with glee~
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A Sneaky Surprise (Private RP With Casidee)
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