Kamp Wannaweep

Kamp Wannaweep focuses on twelve teenagers arriving at Camp Wannaweep to compete on a reality television show.
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 Let The Games Begin Episode 1

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Captain Cyrus

Captain Cyrus

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PostSubject: Let The Games Begin Episode 1   Let The Games Begin Episode 1 I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 01, 2018 7:06 pm

Judging by the way me cabin mates were looking at me earlier when I walked in the cabin, it's safe to say they might have a few misconceptions about Captain Cyrus.

What they call insane.... I call daring.

What they call being a freak.... I call being original.

And what they call being delusional.... I call that being the dreamer of dreams.

See lads and lasses... I'm not some wannabe who went to a local costume store and purchased some outfit the kiddies wear when they want to score a kit kat bar on Halloween night for tricks or treats. I'm the real deal. I've spent the last eight years of me life on a boat out on the open seas... hunting down treasures all around the world and challenging some of the most notorious thieves of the seas. Somalians, Carribeans, you name it, I've been there stealing from the worst of the worst. Living up to me ancestors... and the legends... legends that would make me competition wet themselves at night.

Have ye heard of the legends mates? Like the Maelstrom? A gigantic whirpool said to be created by Calypso, goddess of the sea. Powerful enough to suck in even the mightiest of ships and send them and the entire crew to their watery graves?

Or what about the Devil's Triangle mates? Legends have it that ships that enter those waters simply vanish and never return.

Then there are the pirates of history: Sir Francis Drake, Blackbeard, the Barbossa Brothers.... and then there's my namesake....Cyrus the Great.

To the Latin Americans, I am the sun. To the Persians the Greeks, I am the throne. Put them together, I am the sun that sits on the throne!

So again.... when I am asked "Are you sure you're capable of being in a contest like this? After all, your competitors will look at you as irrelevant and as a joke". Nah... I think the proper question is.... "Is my competition sure they are ready for me? .... are they ready to take on the professional pirate?"
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Let The Games Begin Episode 1
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