Kamp Wannaweep

Kamp Wannaweep focuses on twelve teenagers arriving at Camp Wannaweep to compete on a reality television show.
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 Yo! I need to talk to you [private w/ Lorelei]

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Yo! I need to talk to you [private w/ Lorelei] Empty
PostSubject: Yo! I need to talk to you [private w/ Lorelei]   Yo! I need to talk to you [private w/ Lorelei] I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 08, 2018 6:23 pm

He walks into the bathroom in only in his towel as usual & his cap. He kept looking in the mirror and rubbed his face "I'm glad I don't grow hair because it would've sucked unless I use one of the girl's shavers." He starts thinking about the letters "I don't feel like receiving or writing to anyone back home though I would like to see what's up with my pals back home."

He looks down at the letter he still had sticking i. his duffle bag then he sighs "Skater girl is right though I gotta talk to goth girl one way or another, it doesn't help that I've been avoiding her a lot but eh...gonna miss Juliet then." He pinches his cheek.

I think I'm gaining or something...been eating too damn much
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Yo! I need to talk to you [private w/ Lorelei]
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