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Kamp Wannaweep focuses on twelve teenagers arriving at Camp Wannaweep to compete on a reality television show.
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 Late Night Thinking

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PostSubject: Late Night Thinking   Late Night Thinking I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 05, 2018 9:35 am

The deep steady serenity of the night has fallen over Kamp Wannaweep. Most of the boys were in their respective cabin, except for Cyrus sleeping in his hammock. All of the girls were fast asleep without a care in the world...except Lorelei. Something deep in her mind couldn't let her sleep. She couldn't stop thinking about whatever that...thing was in the woods. The sound it made was unlike any man or beast she has ever heard. Could it be a...monster?

She shakes the thought out of her head, that couldn't possibly be it. A monster? Get real. But this does get her mind going. Quietly, she sneaks out of bed to grab a pencil and her little black and purple book decorated in skulls and cats. Maybe if she wrote something inspired off the event, it might make her feel more at peace. With that in mind, she got to writing.

How does one perceive what they cannot see?
Rather it be taken as fact or folly.
A whistle of wind could be a whisper.
Could that scream you heard be your own or someone else?
To those with a mind that wanders from the norm, utter foolishness.
Those with minds as solid as iron, difficult to deter.
No matter the thought, the unknown will plague the undying sou-

With that, she couldn't take anymore. This didn't help her at all. If anything it made it worse. She threw the book back into her suitcase and curls up into a ball. Closing her eyes, she at least tried to get whatever amount of sleep that she could. Some is always better then none.
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Late Night Thinking
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