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Kamp Wannaweep focuses on twelve teenagers arriving at Camp Wannaweep to compete on a reality television show.
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 Role playing Guidelines

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Camp Counselors

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PostSubject: Role playing Guidelines   Thu Mar 01, 2018 2:43 am

  • You are ONLY allowed to reply to a Competition and Elimination Ceremony category. You are not allowed to start a new conversation from the category!
  • Once an elimination ceremony is finished a new episode starts and you may not start a new conversation from a previous episode
  • Stradegizing should be seen on this site, nothing should be hidden! (scroll further down for more detail that talks about Private RPs). By doing this it will allow the players the show to be more fun for the viewers to watch! As long as other players don't play god-mode and ruin your storyline or gameplay everything should be fine! (But! You all are allowed you plan ideas for your OCs with the other users privately on DA notes to keep things organized or PMing each other on the website which is located here!
  • In order to post a new topic you must click the "Post new topic" button into the correct location you would like to start!

Other helpful information from the MH site!

1. Keep the plot going: If you don't like/think your character can fit in the story, kindly refrain from posting in the RP thread. Last thing we want is a really good roleplay going, and then a character coming in screaming "COOKIES!" getting everyone off topic (unless that is true to your character's personality)

2. "Private" RPs: Please indicate if the roleplay in your thread is only for a certain number of characters and who they are. Not all roleplays are group based. Some are for development between 2 (or more) characters. If you start a private RP and an unplanned housemate joins in, either talk with that person privately or contact an admin.

3. Do not double post: Please say everything in one post at a time. If someone posts while you were writing and you feel like you have to edit your response, just edit the post rather than posting twice.

4. Be inclusive: Not everyone's 1st language is English--please keep this in mind. Also, do not kick/delete anyone's' posts. If they are trying to participate in the RP, do not keep them from doing so.

5. Plot is important: Keep them open with room to play out. Do not create an excessive amount of threads.

6. This is not an art competition: Not everyone in this group will feel like doing art for every single challenge/roleplay. Please keep this in mind, and do not treat others as if they are lesser because they don't participate in that aspect. Shame
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Role playing Guidelines
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